a moving company's truck

How to Choose a Moving Company

When preparing to move, there are many factors to take into account. Besides figuring out the activities like packing items, you need to hire a moving company. Hiring movers is vital to simplify the process. Professional movers don’t just relieve you from heavy lifting. They also ensure the day runs smoothly, giving you time to attend to other critical moving activities. Choosing a moving company can be difficult because there are many options and factors to consider. Fortunately, if you need moving services in South Shields, Transport Executive has well-trained drivers with various vehicle sizes.

Below are some tips on how to choose a moving company:

Get Recommendations

Since you know a few people that have used moving companies in the past, you can reach out to them for their experience and recommendations. Some might have had a negative experience with a highly rated company or hit with unexpected fees not listed on the company’s website. Also, there could be some with excellent experience from a new company. When you start with family and friends, you get meaningful insights that you might not get online.

Consider Their Expertise

consider their expertiseIt would be best to have experts when you have specialized moving needs like musical instruments, gym equipment, technical furniture, and recreational pieces of equipment. A company might indicate the specialized skills on the website, but reviews are essential to figuring out skills. By considering your moving needs, you can select the best company that addresses them. For example, a trustworthy company might refer to them as value-added services that might include professional cleaning after you move.

Obtain Price Estimates

Reputable movers comply with federal regulations. A representative will need to survey your goods and provide an estimated cost to receive a moving quote. You need to schedule multiple estimates. Keep in mind that prices can change when you receive a quote online or by phone if you don’t get a bidding estimate. A visual assessment is needed to clarify such points for accurate pricing. Also, during the forecast, take time to show the representative all items you wish to move.

Check License and Insurance

You need to avoid a moving company that is not insured and licensed. People who have a truck can offer moving services but are not legally bound to ensure the safety of your property. When moving interstate, you need a DOT number from the Department of Transportation. Inter-state regulations are on a state-by-state basis, although most have a licensing requirement. You can research your state’s interstate licensing laws to verify the moving company.