How to Spot the Best Land Surveying Company

Before buying any parcel of land, you must ensure that it has been surveyed at least for the past two years. You can always check it with the records of the Department of Deeds if a new survey is on file. If not, then you should have the land be surveyed by a legitimate marin surveyor.

Having a new survey before buying the lot will spare you of some problems that may occur in the future. It is not uncommon to see neighbors spending much of their income to pay for litigations expenses because of a disagreement on their boundaries. When a court battle cannot be prevented through some negotiations, then you must be thankful if you had your property surveyed when you bought it and let it be resurveyed every two years. This is because it is only when you have a copy of the survey that your insurance company can pay for your litigation expenses.

Surveyors play an integral role in the lives of landowners. Aside from having their lots resurveyed every two years, there are a lot more situations that you need the services of a surveyor. This is the reason why you should have searched for the best surveyor from the beginning. To be able to identify the ideal land surveying company from several other companies, you should consider the following.



A land surveyor must pass the Fundamentals of Surveying Exams, Principles, and Practice of Surveying Test and a specific examination given by the state before being issued a license. Although this should be one of the requirements that you should look for, you should also consider his experience and the reputation of the company he belongs to.


The competence of a surveyor is built over time. With his experience on the different aspects of land surveying, capability trainings that he went through, and the support of his company, it can amount to a very competent land surveyor. With his exceptional knowledge about his work, you can never go wrong when you select the best surveyor.

Excellent Working Ethics

Being a landowner means that you will be working with land surveyors for one reason or another in the future. Be sure to establish his work ethics before choosing over the rest of the competition. Is he hard-working, trustworthy, humble, and approachable? Does he value your time? These are some of the qualities of a land surveyor that you should look for.

Company Support

No matter how skillful a land surveyor is, if he does not get the necessary support from the company he is working, he will have no use The surveyor should be a part of a company that includes lawyers, engineers, architects, planners, and landscape artists who should empower each other by sharing their expertise when needed.

Aside from the professional support, he should also be accorded with technological support, hardware or software, equipment or methodologies. A land surveyor with all of these has truly a cutting edge advantage over the rest.

Things to Know About Tattoo Removal

Ever had a tattoo that you already want to have removed? Maybe it is from a dare from your peers or even a tattoo that has never looked the way you envisioned it. There are already a lot of ways to have it removed. Traditionally, ways to remove a tattoo is through surgical intervention. It includes removal of the tattooed skin and restitching to create a cleaner look, a downside of this procedure is that it may leave scars or even keloid formation.

Another way to remove the tattoos is by dermabrasion or chemical peels. But these procedures also comes with the higher rates of scarring and other unwanted side effects. Laser removal has had the least amount of side effect among all the tattoo removal procedures. If you need to have this procedure, there are laser tattoo removal Albuquerque in New Mexico. So, what are the things you need to know about laser tattoo removal?

How it works

Laser tattoo removal works by breaking down tattoo ink particles as it is pointed on the skin. Although some of the tattoo ink penetrated beyond the skin, the ones that remained in the skin are broken down to smaller and smaller pieces. The ink is broken down until it is no longer visible. Minimal damage is done to the surrounding tissues of the skin by means of photothermolysis. Phototermolysis is when the laser acts as a thermal agent to breakdown the ink. Specific wavelengths of light and pulse target the tattoo and will heat it up to the point of destruction.

Which colour is most comfortable to remove?

Black was previously the easiest one to remove. With the use of traditional tattoo removal laser (nanosecond). But with the new technology for laser tattoo removal, the colours green and blue have become among the easiest. Also, pain always accompanies laser tattoo removal, but with the use of local or topical anesthetics, it lessens the stinging feel during the procedure.


Tattoo removal will not be cheap. It will cost a lot more than you think. Depending on different factors, removal may cost you around $200-500 per treatment session. No, you will not have just one session. Depending on the assessment of the dermatologist, the number of sessions would range from six to eight sessions on average.

After a tattoo removal

Typically, after every session, the skin would look red, bruised, and swollen. Depending on the case, some may even experience blistering and crusting. The doctor will be prescribing you antibiotics to keep the site from getting infected, and also to keep the site covered with a dressing.